Working Up a Sweat

I’ve been going to this class called kettlebell circuit.  I train for powerlifting, so for me it’s a good way to get some conditioning in, cause let’s be honest my endurance level is not so hot.  I’m a sprint and quit kind of girl! ;)  Anyway… I figured for those of you out there that want to work up a good sweat could easily incorporate this into your routine.  You don’t have to have a ton of equipment and can get a good workout in within 30-45 minutes!  And if you don’t have some of the equipment needed modify the exercise so that you’re still working that body part.  Hope you all enjoy it!  Now get out there and go break a sweat!  As the Sweaty Betties always say, “Don’t be a bitch!” :)


Circuit 1 – 45 sec to 1 min each exercise (Do 3x or reduce/add depending on fitness level):

  • Rope conditioning/Battling Ropes (not sure what this is.. watch a video here)
  • Agility Ladder (not sure what this is refer to here) Don’t have to own one, you can use tape to make one on your floor
  • Russian Twists w/ kettlebell (again example here)
  • Kettlebell Swing one-handed (example here)
  • Step-ups on bench or chair
  • Push-up with kettlebell row
  • Resistance band squat walk (place resistance band on ankles and walk across floor slow in a slight squat stance.
*Take a couple minute break and get some agua and prepare for the next circuit… quite similar with a few simple modifications.

Circuit 2 – 45 sec to 1 min each exercise (3x)

  • Rope Conditioning/Battling Ropes
  • Agility Ladder
  • Mt. Climbers (example here)
  • Goblet Squat (squat while a kettlebell up on your chest)
  • Tricep Dips
  • Should Press with kettlebell
  • Resistance Band Squat Walk

Do this and I’m sure work up a good little sweat!  Enjoy! :)Image


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