A desirable derriere! Everyone wants one… you can have one too!

Hey Ladies and let’s not exclude the Gentlemen, today I want to talk about getting buns!  Every girl and her man want her to have a nice booty.  And I can’t speak for all the ladies, but what girl doesn’t like a man with a nice butt?  I’m sure many of you out there think well I don’t know how to get one of those.  One key thing to having a nice, firm, round rump is lifting!  Yes, ladies, that means you too!  There are many exercises out there that can really work the glutes and help you get that defined shape you’re looking for.  Lunges, bench step-ups, hip thrusters/bridges/lifts, leg kickbacks, stiff-leg deadlifts, hyperextensions, squats, and leg presses are all great for targeting your derriere.  But one exercise that I’ve added into my training I wanted to focus on is the bottom-up squat.

The bottom-up squat is a great lift to really target the glutes!  Basically, what you do is start your position from in the hole/bottom position of your squat. So in a power rack you want to set your safety bars at that position.  Make sure the bars are set just below parallel because that’s how low you should be getting in your squats or you’re not doing them correctly.  Then you get under the weight (definitely drop down the weight compared to your normal squats), get set up, and drive up just like the second half of your normal squat!  The initial push is what really targets your glutes and this also will help with core and stability.  Here is a video to check out if you’re still unsure how to do them.

Start lifting heavy and intense and add this into your regime and get that desirable derriere that every body wants! :)


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