Good reads…

Hi Everyone,

Today I decided to write about something out of my normal posts.  I find reading to be good for the soul and think that everyone every now and again should sit down and enjoy a book.  For those of you that find it hard to read I strongly suggest this series.  If you like fiction, action and a little romance than you will definitely like this series, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.  Each book goes by so quickly and they are frankly just hard to put down.  I would go home everyday for lunch just so I could read another chapter or stay up on the weekend til 4am reading these.  Another great thing about these books are that they’re being made into movies too.  The first movie premieres March 23rd so that gives you a whole month to read the first book.  Check out the trailer to the movie here.

Hope you all enjoy! :)


One thought on “Good reads…

  1. It is fun to read your blog Molly, I just ordered Hungrey Games on my kindle…I have enjoyed your recipes too!! Thanks keep writing:)

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