Work Your Ass Off!

Hey Everyone,

So this week I’ve been trying to cram in all my lifting, which cramming 3 lifting sessions into 2 back to back training sessions isn’t the best idea!  But I’m going out of town for work and can never trust that the hotel I’m staying at will have any of the equipment I need to get in some good training.  So last night since I was already in a lot of pain from my Monday and Tuesday sessions  I needed to do something a little different to get the blood flowing.  Below is my wod (workout of the day).  Hopefully you can add it into your training regimen to switch it up!


6 Rounds (use same weight on bar throughout):

  • 6x – SDHP (sumo deadlift high pull)
  • 6x – Wall Walkouts
  • 6x – Thrusters (front squat with a push press)
  • 6x – Donkey Kicks
  • 6x – Hanging Power Snatches

This workout, depending on fitness level, will take 10-30 minutes!  And be sure to warm up and cool down with some form of running, biking, rowing, etc.. so you don’t pull a muscle.  If you’re unsure about any of these lift/moves I’ve listed links to youtube videos below!  Go out there and sweat your ass off! :)


Wall Walkouts –

Thrusters –

Donkey Kicks – (fast forward to 1:12)

Hanging Power Snatch –


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