WOD: Danny J’s Take 2 Challenge

Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and Monday.  A while back I started writing down different workouts that I would find online.  Two people that I have gotten some great ideas for workouts from are Danny J and Aubrie from the Sweaty Betties.  Check out their facebook fanpage if you’re looking for some motivation!

This workout I like to incorporate after lifting, because it’s short and sweet and good conditioning…


  • 500 meter row or bike 5 minutes
  • 1—-> 10 Thrusters – 45 lbs
  • 10—>1 Box Jumps – 20-28 inches
  • finish with 500 meter row or bike 5 minutes
If you’re confused by the 1—-> 10 this means you do one thruster, then jump to 10 box jumps, then 2 thrusters and 9 box jumps, 3 thrusters and 8 box jumps, and so forth.  Make sense?  Hope you enjoy incorporating this into your workouts as much as I have!  Train hard everyone! :)

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