Get a Grip… literally.

Hey Everyone,

As I’ve said before I have been trying to incorporate some new things into my training.  My favorite lift by far is deadlifting, probably cause it’s my strongest suite and it feels good to yank that heavy weight off the ground.  But I have baby hands that just can’t seem to handle a lot.  So I’ve started incorporating rack pulls into my regimen. I’m using a program written by Brad Gillingham and am only two weeks in thus far.  If you do not know who Brad is, well he is one of the most well-known and accomplished natural powerlifters out there.  He is very down to earth and such a nice guy.  He is one of the people that inspired me to start powerlifting and I am so thankful to have his help.  Anyway… in my new training I’m doing rack pulls every other week instead of my deadlifting.  And there are 4 different levels of where you set your rack at.  Level 1 is right above the knees.  Level 2 is just below the knee.  Level 3 is 3 inches below the knee and level 4 is 5 inches below the knee.  Each of these will work different things in them.  I’m really excited to complete this program and see how it will help my deadlifting!  Next goal is to hit the 300lb mark on the deadlift.  I know I got a ways to go, but I’ll get there someday.  Hope this was helpful for those that are starting to lift some heavy weight!  Train hard and get sweaty! :P


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