Simple Seasoning

Hey everyone,

It’s officially Spring and the time of year when you start breaking out the grills again.  At my house, we never actually put the grill away, but once spring hits.. we almost use it daily.  I just love the way vegetables and meat tastes off the grill.  And also there’s not much clean up when you grill either, which is always a plus.  In our house we have a rule, whoever cooks the other one does the dishes.  Well, my husband likes to run the grill, so then I don’t have much for dishes.  I think I win in that one. :)  Anyway… I wanted to talk about some simple seasoning/marinating that we use when it’s grill season.  Below I’ve listed my favorites with different kinds of meat.  Hope you enjoy!

  • Tilipia – spritz with a little olive oil spray and season with lemon pepper, adding some fresh lemon juice also makes this delicious
  • Steak – some of my favorite seasonings for this are garlic, greek, Chicago steak seasoning, or even marinating it in Buffalo Wild Wings Carribean Jerk sauce
  • Pork Chops – I love to either top this with kentucky bbq sauce or marinate it in some Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing sauce
  • Shrimp – We like to use a cajun seasoning or one of the Buffalo Wild Wing Sauces always is good too, especially the Asian Zing or Carribean Jerk
  • Chicken – This meat can go with so many seasonings.  We sometimes use a Jamaican jerk seasoning or will marinate it in a Buffalo Wild Wing sauce or even top it with some bbq sauce, canadian bacon, and some provolone (call this chicken with friends – it’s delicious!)
  • Burger: I use garlic, pepper, paprika, onion, and sometimes a little italian seasoning. My favorite though is actually cutting up some peppers and onions or mushrooms finely and mixing them in the beef itself while it cooks.


Hope you all got some ideas for grilling and how simple it is to give your meat some flavor.  Happy grilling season! :)



One thought on “Simple Seasoning

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