When life gives you lemons… make a gin and tonic!

Hey everyone,

Today I was reading the good ole’ facebook newsfeed and saw some comments on Jennifer Lawrence and her physique.  So I looked it up and there are multiple people criticizing that she’s not thin enough for the Katniss role in Hunger Games. After reading this I was appalled.  I know Katniss was not a really well-fed girl in the books, but I actually like the fact that they portrayed her as a strong woman and not some frail girl.  I don’t understand why society has to ridicule people for not being skin and bones.  I understand the argument about it being for the role.  But for her to lose that much weight would be very unhealthy.  I think that there is too much emphasis on being skinny.  When really we need to put more emphasis on being healthy.  Skin and bones shouldn’t be portrayed as sexy.  A strong athletic woman should be sexy!  Sorry for the rant.  But just get sick of how media portrays women and what they should look like.  Strong is the new skinny and strong is sexy!



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