Simple Recipes – Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wrap

Hey Everyone,

Another day, another lunch.  Opened up the fridge and had some chicken breasts waiting to get grilled.  So today I decided to throw together a parmesan garlic chicken wrap.  Didn’t have much for veggies at home since it’s going to be Easter weekend and the hubby and I are taking off tomorrow.  So here’s what I made with what little we have left in our fridge.


  • 4 oz chicken (grilled – I marinated it in BWW parmesan garlic sauce)
  • 1 tortilla (I used La Tortilla Factory Low Carb High Fiber wraps)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings parmesan garlic sauce
  • ranch (optional)
  • parmesan cheese (I ended up using what I had on hand, which was a mexican blend)
  • veggies (I normally like to put red peppers, tomatoes, or onion on this, but I didn’t have any in the fridge)
  • lettuce/spinach


Grilled the chicken.. marinating each side with the parmesan garlic sauce.  Then after it was done I cut into smaller cubes.  Placed chicken on top of tortilla, added cheese, lettuce, any veggies you have, and a little bit of the parm garlic sauce/ranch.  Then fold it up and you are good to go!  Tastes like/better than a chicken wrap you get at Buffalo Wild Wings and is healthier than what they’re giving you.  Simple, easy, fresh, good.  Enjoy! :)


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