Cleansing Phase

Hey Everyone,

How have you all been?  It seems like as summer approaches I just keep getting busier and busier.  So many changes about to happen in my life and sometimes you get so caught up in everything you forget to take time to breath.  This is me trying to breath and get back on track.  Next week I’m starting my cleansing phase again. I’m hoping to compete in NASA Nationals (it’s a powerlifting meet in Des Moines, IA) and in order to be more competitive I need to drop about 8-10 lbs.  I have not been as clean with my diet for the last few months and need to step up my game and get back to what I’m happy and comfortable with.  So my cleansing I will do for 1-2 weeks depending on results.  To cleanse I cut out starches, fruit, and most dairy.  This leaves me with eating lean proteins and vegetables.  I know what you’re thinking… You are crazy.. but I’ve done this multiple times and it does really jump start your weight loss and gets you back on track from eating junk food.  I’ve been consuming way too many carbs, fats, and sweets and it’s taking a toll. I do include a cheat meal at the end of the week though to help with the sanity of it.  Below is an example of the menu I will have…

Meal 1: 2 eggs and ham

Meal 2: Optimum Nutrition Protein Shake (just started using the new Performance Whey from Optimum and it is delicious!!! highly recommend it)

Meal 3: Chicken breast on top of a green salad with some red peppers and walnuts and italian dressing

Meal 4: Part skim string cheese or celery with some natural peanut butter

Meal 5: (post workout meal – only have this if I train) Optimum Nutrition Nitrocore – Cinnamon Roll (good for getting some protein and carbs back in your system after working out and also very tasty)

Meal 6: grilled steak or pork with asparagus or some other veggies


See you can eat healthy and still enjoy your food and be full enough to not be hungry constantly.  Try this out for a week and you will be surprised at how much weight you can drop.  This type of cleansing though can only be done for a max of 2 weeks, because consistently eating like this is not healthy for your body.  Just wanted to clarify that.  


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