Marvel’s The Avengers!

Hello all!

The other evening I attended the theatre to check out what all the hype was about with this new The Avengers movie.  Not going to lie, I’m not huge into comic books or super heroes per say, but I heard great things about this movie so decided it was worth seeing.  We went to it in 3D, which I’ve never been to a movie in 3D before and have to say that it doesn’t really add much to the movie anyway, in my opinion.  Being I’ve never really watched any of the other character movies besides Ironman, this movie was quite easy to follow along.  And not going to lie it has some very handsome/beautiful actors/actresses in it, which also helps.  I thought that the rolls were played quite well in this movie… better than what I was expecting.  I especially like Mark Ruffalo as the hulk and Scarlett Johansson as the black widow role in this movie.  Scarlett Johansson look gorgeous with that red hair and I think maybe she should try that look out in real life.  All in all, I would definitely say this was a great movie and people should definitely go check it out!  It made me interested to go back and watch all the other movies I’ve missed like Thor, The Hulk, and Captain America.


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