WOD: Sweat ur ass off! Whew!

Hey Everyone,

So wanted to share with you my workout on Saturday.  Since I’m moving sooner than planned I am no longer competing in the NASA Nationals, which is sad.. but sometimes things don’t work out.  I probably wouldn’t have been as ready as I needed either because of all the stress from moving.  Anyway… I’m starting to add in more crossfit type workouts and will post some that I do every now and then.  This Saturday I felt like I needed a good workout so this was my WOD for the day…

6 Rounds for Time of:

  • 6x – Donkey Kicks
  • 6x – Clean and Jerk
  • 6x – Burpees
  • 6x – Deadlift Sumo High Pulls
  • 6x – Overhead Squats
  • 6x – Wall Walkouts

This took me about 30 minutes.. but I ended up taking out some of the wall walkouts because it was the morning and having the body inverted was making me light headed.  Definitely have a lot of room to improve on my conditioning.  Also been debating if I should join a crossfit gym out in Colorado.  I think that I would really enjoy it, but really don’t like how much it costs.  If anyone out there has any advice or goes to one, would love to hear your opinion.  Thanks. :)


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