Magic Mike… he certainly is magic!

Hey everyone,

I’m going to address the ladies or fellows that enjoy looking at hot sexy men.  Welp.. I just couldn’t wait and went to the premiere of Magic Mike at 12:15am this morning.  I was expecting just a funny/dumb movie, but it turned out to be something more than I anticipated.  Obviously, it’s about male strippers so what lady or man out there wouldn’t enjoy it. ;)  And it has one of my favorite actors in it Channing Tatum, who plays Magic Mike.  And boy can he dance and I don’t just mean shake his money maker!  This movie is filled with many attractive actors and actresses so even though the story line isn’t the most enticing at least the people your looking at are. Lol.  Anyway… I think that Matthew McConaughey does an absolutely great job in this film and plays his part to a tee!  And damn for being over 40 years old he looks absolutely amazing!  The character development never gets to deep in this movie, but I don’t think that’s the point.  It definitely is entertaining.  Channing also does a great job as usual.  I do wish you got to see some of the other guys a bit more, but I guess it really wasn’t needed for the story line.  I like the different camera angles that were included and they did a great job shooting it.  Not sure if I would’ve picked Cody Horn to play Brooke in this movie, but overall I would give the movie a good rating.  It’s about time they came out with a movie that’s geared towards women/gay men that is not just the same ole’ romantic chick flick.  So hope you all get the lovely opportunity to feast your eyes on this movie! Be sure to close your mouth during it so you don’t drool. Haha!


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