Chicken & Friends

Hey Everyone,

So first I must start off with a story… I was awoken this morning by a phone call from my brother making sure I was okay… I said, “Yea, what are you talking about?” And then he went on to say there was a shooting in the Denver area at a midnight showing of the new Batman movie.  I was in complete shock and want to sent out my condolences to all the families who lost loved ones or have loved ones injured from the shooting.  It was a horrific event and hopefully everyone realizes how lucky we are to be here.  Cherish everyday because you never know when your last one will be!

Now back to something more upbeat, as promised I said I would start posting more again.  So my husband and I love grilling… why?  Because it’s easy, clean up is simple, and it tastes good.  So this is a very simple recipe of how to prepare chicken on the grill without just adding seasoning.  I learned this from my husband and not going to lie… when I’m feeling lazy I will do this one a lot since it doesn’t require many ingredients, prep, or time.  Hope you all enjoy it!


  • Chicken breasts – as many as you would like to make
  • Ham – sliced
  • Sliced cheese – whatever kind you prefer the best (we used a pepperjack this time, but normally use provolone)
  • BBQ sauce – your favorite kind (we used a Rootbeer BBQ sauce from William Sonoma.  It was sweet with a little kick, very delicious!)

Directions:  Start your grill and get it heated up!  If you want to season your chicken feel free to, but it also is necessarily needed.  Then place your chicken on the grill.  Flip after about 5-8 minutes.  Then on the done side place a slice or two of ham, add some bbq sauce.  Then top with cheese when you only have a few minutes left.  And wahla.. done!  If you’re a big bbq fan you can always top with more when you serve it.  Hope you guys enjoy it!  Pretty simple!

Next week I’m going to try out a new chicken croissant recipe that I got from my brother’s girlfriend so be sure to check back. :)  Have a sensational weekend everyone!


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