Taking on 3 Peaks!

Hi everyone,

So finally getting settled in to good ole Colorado.  Still feels like I’m on vacation or something out here and I’m loving every minute of it.  This past Saturday, my sister-in-law Aja, my husband Luke, and I decided to get our hike on.  Luke chose the hike, it was one his sister and him did a long time ago when they were just young lads.  We planned to climb up three peaks: Chapin, Chiquita, and Ypsilon in the Mummy Range.  It was a 7 mile trek and let me tell you, this Iowa farm girl got the lung burn real bad.  Hopefully that will get better with time.  Just need to get acclimated and start doing more hikes.  Along our trek we saw a variety of animals including: moose, elk, deer, pika, marmot, and tarmigan.  After we got up to the second one Chiquita I thought to myself… can I really trek up one more mountain.  I had my doubts but we made it up to Ypsilon and the feeling of accomplishment felt great!  And needless to say it wasn’t such a bad view either.  About a minute after getting to the top of Ypsilon it started to look pretty dark and we could hear thunder off in the distance.  We decided we better get our asses below tree level before that came our way.  So we started hauling ass down the teetering rocks.  It’s amazing how fast it is going down compared to the hike up!  By the time we got down I think we all were tired, hungry, and just plain shot.  Time to drive back to our lovely place in Arvada and have a nice cold beer, shower, and take a nap. The hike took us about 6.5 hours.  Hopefully we will all get in better shape and cut that time down next time we do it.  It was an absolutely unforgettable experience and I am so excited to get to do this stuff whenever I want now that I live here.  Til next time. Cheers! :)


  • Chapin: 12,454 feet
  • Chiquita: 13,069 feet
  • Ypsilon: 13,514 feet

Total elevation gain of 2,800 on hike



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