Florence + The Machine

Last Thursday Aja (my sister-in-law) and I went to the Florence + The Machine concert in downtown Denver.  It was an amazing concert!  Florence has an absolutely amazing voice and sounded just as good as her recorded songs.  She really got the crowd into it and she even ran up and down the isles in the theater, which at all the concerts I have been to I have never seen a performer do that.  I told my friend that I was going to her concert and she goes, “Who’s that?”  Then I said, “Have you heard the song Dog Days are Over?” And she hadn’t…. So if you have never heard any of Florence + The Machine music please take the time to go check it out.  It’s very unique and even if you don’t enjoy her genre, she does have an amazing voice, that anyone into music can appreciate.  The only addition I wish I would have heard during the concert was the song Breath of Life from the movie Snow-white and the Huntsman.  It is one of my favorite songs from her right now! Definitely give it a listen!

Til next time, have a sensational day everyone! :)


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