WOD: August 1, 2012

Hola everyone!

Can’t believe it’s already August!  My has this year gone by fast so far.  So many changes and so many new things happening.  Another day of CrossFit down and boy am I going to be sore after the WOD today!  My calves were already sore from all the damn jumping from jump rope and then of course today was all legs!  Oh well, I survived. :)  Here is what today entailed…

WOD: 15 minutes AMRAP

  • 15 front squats (65/115)
  • 15 jump over boxes

Then they gave us a short break and then we had to do as many jump squats with a bar on our back in 2 minutes… I was so cashed already that I had nothing left in me and got 40 reps

I completed 4 rounds and 1 front squat for 121 reps.  Had I not already been sore from deadlifts and all the jumping already this week I think I could’ve done a much better job on this.  But I’m not going to lie… I like my lifting and 65 was pretty easy for front squats since I’m use to doing around 95-115 lbs… but then again I’m not doing that many reps or as quickly as possible.  This definitely kicked my ass! Still loving it though. We’ll see what’s in store tomorrow! Time to take my HMB and try to heal up for the next WOD

Have a great day you all! :)


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