A weekend filled of events!!!

Hey everyone,

I had an incredibly busy and fun/long weekend this past week.  On Thursday my husband Luke, our dog Gabe, and I ventured up to the Golden Gate Canyon State Park to do the Windy Peak hike.  We wanted to get in a nice easy hike before the family arrived for the weekend.  Both of our legs were pretty shot from crossfit, so we thought a short fun hike would also help the muscles.  Boy, I was wrong!  Our easy 4 mile hike turned into a 6 mile hike that I would not refer to as easy for old dogs.  Our poor pup had bleeding paws and was limping horribly by the time we got back to the truck.  Needless to say, my legs weren’t feeling any better either. Lol.

Then Friday night Luke’s parents, uncles and aunt, and cousin all arrived.  We went out with them and Luke’s sister and boyfriend to the lovely mexican establishment down the road from us, Tequilas.  We had an amazing meal + margaritas and crashed early for the evening.

We woke up nice and early and headed up to Estes to go see Rocky Mountain National Park.  We went up the Trail Ridge road making plenty of stops along the way for the family to take some wonderful pictures.  After that we headed to a picnic area and had a nice lunch. Then we headed to everyone’s favorite place in the park, the Alluvial Fan.  Made a quick stop there because then we had a Rockies game to go to that evening.

This was my first time at the Rockies Stadium and I was quite impressed.  It was very nice, but the team, well let’s just say they’re not so good.   Sorry all you Rockies fans, but it wasn’t the most exciting baseball game I’ve ever been to, but I still had a great time!

Then on Sunday the ladies went to get some pedicures, which felt amazing.  Especially after all my nasty feet have endured the last couple weeks with crossfit and hiking!  Then that afternoon we made our way to Red Rocks and tailgated for the Neil Young concert.  Went into the concert a little before 7:30 and saw the Alabama Shakes and Neil Young.  It was a great show, but let’s be real any show at the Red Rocks is fun!

Monday was more of a relaxing day.  It was Luke and I’s one year anniversary of being married.  We were going to make our way up to Estes Park and go to Copeland Lake where we had our ceremony, but decided to lay low for the day.  So I did some work and then we went to the new Batman film, which was super good and to dinner at Tocabe.  Tocabe is an American Indian restaurant that we found on Drive-Ins, Dinner, and Dives tv show.  It was super delicious and very reasonably priced.  I ordered an Indian taco with ground bison and Luke ordered their bison ribs that came with blueberry BBQ sauce.  Both of these were delicious!  I would highly recommend it to anyone in the Denver area, it’s in the West Highlands.  Then we ended the evening with some ice cream and bed!

Four am came early on Tuesday, as we had planned to go white water rafting down on the Arkansas River that’s near Canon City.  So we left the house at 5am to avoid morning traffic.  Welp, we ended up getting there over an hour early, but better that then missing our raft trip!  We spend a good 6 hours or more rafting the river.  It was a level 3/4 and a ton of fun!  This was my first experience rafting and I definitely want to do more and would like to do more challenging ones.  We plan to go back early June next year, because they say that’s the best time if you’re looking for more advanced rapids!  Welp, til next time. Hope you all have a great rest of the week!


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