Taking on my first 14er! Hello Mt. Bierstadt!

When I moved out to Colorado one of the first things I learned was that there are 54 mountains over the elevation of 14,000 feet in Colorado.  My husband and I both enjoy hiking so I told him we needed to add those 54 14ers to our bucket list.  He agreed it would be a good/fun goal.  So on Tuesday we decided to do our first 14er together, Mt. Bierstadt.  It’s suppose to be one of the easier 14ers and was close by to where we live.  So we got up nice and early and hit the road.  We started out at the Guanella Pass out on a 7 mile round trip hike.  Not going to lie… I don’t think I’m yet adjusted to the altitude, I may have started hyperventilating a few times, which was embarrassing.  Guess I have a ways to go til I’m in better shape and can start breathing normal.  Regardless, it was a great hike!  It took us a little under 3 hours up and then we had a nice lunch and made it down in just under 5 hours total.  We even got up close and personal with a female big horn sheep.  I couldn’t believe how it wasn’t even scared of all the people around.  Which I was also very surprised by.  There were people everywhere on this trail.  I was not expecting that on a Tuesday morning.  Anyway… If you’re looking for a beautiful hike and want to do a 14er that isn’t too challenging I highly recommend this one.

Have a great evening everyone! :)


2 thoughts on “Taking on my first 14er! Hello Mt. Bierstadt!

    • Really? There isn’t a single one in Australia?! Looks like you’ve found plenty though that are much higher than 14,000 feet! :) Good luck this weekend climbing the Blue Mountains!

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