Knocked off two more 14ers: Grays & Torreys

So this past Sunday we ventured up into the mountains.  This time Aja (Luke’s sister), her friend Christy, Luke and I made the trip.  We decided we better do another easier 14er so we decided that Grays and Torreys would be a good choice. We knew that it was a very popular hike so we decided we better get up there early.  So we took off from Arvada at 4:45am and got up there around 5:45 and hit the trail just before 6am.  I can’t believe how busy the path already was that early.  We decided to do Torreys first because it looked quite a bit steeper and harder than Grays.  We went up a little slower than we did Bierstadt’s but it was a good pace.  By the time we got to the top of Torreys both Aja and I were not feeling too hot.  My head was pounding and I was struggling at getting anything down the gullot.  It was pretty windy and chilly up there so we didn’t stay too long.  Just enough to eat some food and get a few pictures.  Then I broke out my poles to help the joints on the way down.  Then we crossed the saddle and started making our way up Grays… We had to go slow and stop a lot because I was extremely nauseas and my head continued to pound.  I was surprised at how fast we summited Grays though, even with all the stops.  Once we were at the top there were TONS of people everywhere.  I couldn’t believe how busy it was.  I’m glad we had decided to do Torreys first.  We relaxed for a bit and took a few more pictures and decided to get out of the chaos.  We headed down and made back to the truck a little before 1 pm.  So it took us 7 hrs.  I’ll take it. And once we got down I was feeling much better!  Welp… 3 14ers are officially complete and we have 51 more to go!  If we can at least do 5 a year we will be done in 10 years!  Hopefully we can do it!


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