Buck Furpies!!! I mean I love you CrossFit!

Hey everyone,

So this week of CrossFit I would have to say has been the hardest week since I’ve started.  The workouts were super intense and long!  I have not been this sore since we first started, but I at least I know that soreness means that I’m breaking down and building more muscle!  And hopefully losing a little fat in the process.  This week has been hard, but I’ve definitely been making improvements in my techniques, which has felt great!  I am getting the kipping down for my pull-ups… even though I’m still struggling to string more than 3 together, I am very happy with this progress.  I also have been working on my handstand push ups and am slowly getting better.  Still can’t hit the depth that I need to, but I can now kip a few of them as well, which is nice.  Just got to keep working on technique and eventually I’ll get there!  Still debating if I want to go to tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) WOD because they’re always a long chipper and my body is definitely feeling the pain this week!  I guess we’ll see how I feel in the morning…  Oh, and for today… every other Friday we do open gym after the WOD, which today was .  Walked in this morning at 5:45 and saw… 7min amrap of ???  Immediately I thought of the Opens and was like crap… we’re doing burpees!  I asked Keith (the owner) and he wouldn’t admit to it.  Then once everyone was warmed up.. sure enough I was right we were doing burpees.  Shoot me now.  I’m not too great at doing a ton of burpees… they really give me the lung burn, along with body burn too. :)  Well here’s the last 3 days worth of WODs we’ve done.  Try them out, you’ll love every minute. Lol.


WOD: Friday, August 24

7 min amrap of burpees

Reps: 66 (sadly, I only got 66, much room for improvement)


WOD: Thursday, August 23

2 Rounds of:

  • 10 deadlifts (135/225)
  • 20 ring dips (had to modify this)
  • 30 handstand push ups (used two ab mats since I can’t hit depth yet)
  • 40 sumo deadlift high pulls
  • 50 walking lunges

Then… run 400m with a 35/45 lb plate… Running didn’t really happen here.. it was a struggle to carry that plate.  Much harder than I anticipated.  Oh well, I finished and have a better idea on how to do it next time!

Time: 29:49


WOD: Wednesday, August 22

  • 800m run
  • 50 pull ups
  • 150 situps
  • 200 squats
  • 800m run

Time: 44:23 rx    This one took me forever because I couldn’t string together my pull ups.  I was at least doing them correctly and rx but I was struggling at doing more than one at a time.  So that definitely effected my time a lot.  Most people were onto their squats by the time I finally finished my pull ups.  But I was determined to do them rx.  I figure I need the practice and I’m going to learn unless I do them.  So I guess I’ll take the crappy time for now.  I can only go up from here… right?

Well, hope everyone has a sensational weekend ahead of them! :)


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