Mt. Evans conquered. Only 50 more 14ers to go!

Yesterday, Luke had the day off so we decided we better take advantage of the moment and get in another 14er before the season is over.  Our friends Adam and Hannah  were also free so they joined us along with their two dogs (Yuri and Boomer) in our adventure to the top of Mt. Evans.  We decided to start from the Guanella Pass (same place that you start Mt. Bierstadt) because we thought it would not be a very busy trail because a lot of the trail well, there wasn’t always a trail.  We got up to the trailhead at about 7am and got onto the trail at about 7:15.  Within the first half mile we had the luxury of seeing 3 moose.  One was swimming in the lake and two were along the lake eating.  They were absolutely amazing and it was fun to see them as close as we did.  After taking lots of photos we meandered on our way.  We saw something split off the trail and decided it was time to make our own trail along the creek and up to the gully where a real trail began.  We made our way through lots of brush and mud through the meadow, then we made it to the gully.   It was full of rock and scree and nice and steep.  This was suppose to be the hardest part of the trail and I would definitely agree it was.  We took our time and made it up with no injuries.  But then we didn’t really know where to go, we didn’t see a trail and decided just to continue up the tundra because we had to go up somewhere and went in the direction that we believed Mt. Evans was.  Once at the top we saw the trail pick back up and cairnes started to appear once again.  This trail skirted around the entire south side of Mt. Evans and finally took us to the normal path where people can drive to and walk up to the top of Evans.  We made it up to the top in about 4 hours.  Not too shabby!  Then relaxed and had some food and took more photos.  Then we headed back down.  It always feels so much better going down.  The lungs aren’t burning anymore and it always goes way faster than you think it will.  As we got half way down the tundra we started getting hit with small hail.  After awhile these little pellets started getting annoying and hurting a tad bit.  Then we made it back to the gully, which we had to take pretty slow due to it being so steep.  Once this part was over… it was pretty much a piece of cake!  Well besides the mud and branches that were scratching/bruising us.  And we were wet, and there was a storm rolling in… So we just wanted to get back to the truck! Luckily, we did not get caught in a storm, but all of us were pretty exhausted after the 11 mile hike!  Took us about 8 hours total with everything and about 7 hours of actual hiking.  It was a lot of fun and glad that we were able to have others with us on the hike!


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