Week 7 of CrossFit!

Officially done with 7 weeks of CrossFit!  Surprisingly, this week didn’t seem that bad.  I wasn’t as sore as I normally am and the WODs seemed to be easier than normal.  I don’t know if that means I’m getting in better shape or if that means the workouts were just easier this week. Who knows, but I am still enjoying it!  Here was what the week entailed…

WOD: Friday, September 7

10:00 AMRAP

15 Split Jumps
15 Kettle Bell Swings
15 Ring Dips (modified with a band)

Reps: 208

Boy, was this tiring.  Probably didn’t help that I burned out my triceps the day before, but what can you do!


WOD: Thursday, September 6

1600m Run
Then 3 Rounds of:

  • 35 Sit Ups (added 15 lb dumbbell for some extra weight)
  • 5 Power Clean 65/135  (did 75lbs instead of 65)
  • 15 Chin Ups

Time: 26:46 rx

The cleans were by far the easiest part of this WOD and the sit ups weren’t too bad either… But the chin ups felt real good. Lol.  Still glad that I’m doing them without a band, but I still need to get better at doing multiples in a row.  Then I went back in at 10:20 to lift.  Did bench 5×5 @ 115lbs, then shoulder press, ring dips, handstand push ups, and lastly push press.  Really killed the triceps… felt great!


WOD: Wednesday, September 5

16:00 AMRAP…

  • Double Unders
  • Wall Ball
  • Box Jumps

Reps: 202 rx

Then h.r. pushups for 2 minutes: I got 54 reps… I was surprised that I was pretty decent at these.  I started off so strong too getting 30 reps in like the first 35 seconds.  Overall, this WOD definitely drained me.  I was struggling on getting my dang double unders.  Kept tripping up on the jump rope.  Another thing that I need to work on.  I started off really strong on this WOD and then I just hit a wall and slowed way down!


WOD: Tuesday, September 4

3 Rounds For Time :

  • 400m Run
  • 5 DeadLifts 135/225
  • 25 Knees to elbows

Then 5 Rope Climbs (modified 20 inverted ring rows)

Time: 20:31

Knees to elbows kill me.  I just stink at them and I swear I have baby hands that always seem to hurt when I hang from the bar.  I’m sure I’ll eventually get use to it. Lol.  And definitely cannot do rope climbs.  Have never tried and need to bring different shoes than my vibrams in order to do them.




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