First day of REAL yoga!

Hey everyone,

So our CrossFit box offers free yoga classes.  I have only done a little yoga through P90x a long time ago and I sucked at it and wasn’t a huge fan so I was a little hesitant about going, but figured it was free so I ought to give it a try.  I have been so extremely sore this week from CrossFit so maybe doing yoga would stretch out some of the kinks!  To my surprise it felt very good.  I definitely am not flexible and sometimes had to stand up in the middle of a pose because my tight muscles felt like they might tear.  But overall, it was quite nice and relaxing. There were parts that were definitely difficult but I think tomorrow my muscles will feel much better than if I had not gone.  I think this might have to be something that I add into my training once a week.  Oh, and we did not do any poses like the image above… I think that might have killed me. Lol.


Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the class the next two weeks as I’ll be back in Iowa celebrating/ being in a friends wedding and working back in the home (Ames) office.  Gosh, it will be weird to have to actually put on normal clothes and be presentable to public again.  Working at home does have some perks. :)


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