Costa Rica: Day 2

Costa Rica: Day 2

We started the day off bright and early, well because we fell asleep so early the night before.  We both woke up around 5 a.m. and didn’t know what to do.  The restaurant where we got our complimentary breakfast didn’t start til 6:30 so we just enjoyed the wonderful view from our deck.  Then we ventured for our first breakfast in Costa Rica.  Luke got the typical Costa Rican breakfast which consisted of eggs, rice & black beans, plantains, and toast.  I decided to get something unhealthy and went with the french toast.  Both delicious meals!

After breakfast we had a tour in the Manuel Antonio National Park.  Our tour guide picked up us from our hotel and we ventured to the park.  We were in a group of 8 people and were fortunate enough to have a guide who has also been on HBO!  He showed us the different plants and animals that Costa Rica had to offer.  We saw lizards, giant grasshoppers, howler monkeys, sloths, raccoons, and an owl butterfly.  It was very beautiful and amazing how our tour guide was able to spot so many things that I would have not even noticed.


Once the tour was over we had the option of staying in the National Park, since it cost money to get into and also had some of the nicest beaches in Costa Rica.  So Luke and I stayed and went to the calm beach that had nearly no one around!  We got in the water and swam for a while.  The water was refreshing and calm.  Then we basked in the sun and relaxed.  We got to the point that it was just to hot and decided to meander our way back to the hotel.  We stopped in Manuel Antonio at some restaurant that was right by the beach and had some grub.  After filling our tummies we hiked our way back up the hills to our hotel.  We checked out one of the pools with a bar, but it began to rain so we went back to our deck and relaxed and read.

For the evening we decided to make our way to El Avion, another restaurant that was owned by our hotel.  It had an old military airplane as part of the restaurant and inside the plane was a bar.  Luke and I sat down in the restaurant part for dinner where Luke ordered fish and I ordered jumbo shrimp.  We had scrumptious meal then moved to the bar for some drinks.  We ended up staying pretty late bull shiting with the bartender!  It was a fun evening or day for that matter! :)


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