Costa Rica: Day 3


Costa Rica: Day 3

So day 3 we were suppose to go on a catamaran tour to go whale watching and snorkeling in the afternoon, but it got moved up to the morning due to the forecast of rain in the afternoon/evening.  I unfortunately, was up sick most of the night so the sound of going out on the ocean didn’t seem like a great idea, but we’re only on our honeymoon once, so better make the most of it!  We ate breakfast and hopped in a van to make our way to the marina in Quepos.  The catamaran boat was huge.  I have never been on one and it was amazing.  It had multiple levels, a water slide, and even had a sail.  It held up to 80 people, but there were only about 20 of us so we had a lot of space to utilize.  Once we got out on the ocean we kept our eyes wide in search of whales.  And we were lucky enough to see one humpback whale multiple times.  It was pretty amazing!!  Then after riding around we stopped at a spot to snorkel.  Due to all the rain that they had there was a lot of run-off into the ocean.  This made it hard to see very far below the surface.  We got in and swam around, but only saw the same type of fish everywhere and was unable to see anything else.  Not going to lie, I was a little scared of what we might see because they mentioned that there were some smaller sharks that we might be able to see.  Even though we didn’t see much, swimming around was nice!  Then when we got back to the boat some of took the dangerous fall down the slide into the water.  It was fast and very fun, but one time was all my tummy could handle. Lol.  After the wonderful swim they served us up some grub and it was absolutely delicious!!! Fish kabobs, fruit, and pasta salad.  I will say I most certainly miss all the yummy fresh pineapple!  Then the catamaran slowly made it’s way back to the marina.  It was a beautiful day out!


We got back to the hotel in the early afternoon and decided to walk around for a bit.  There were a bunch of trails around our hotel.  But there were super muddy and we didn’t really know where it was going so it ended up being short.  So we just walked around a bit and took some photos.  Pretty much relaxed the rest of the day!  DSCN2295

That evening we decided to try out another restaurant that was apart of the hotel and went to El Wagon.  When we got there only 2 people were working the establishment and they seemed a little overwhelmed.  Our waitress/the only waitress did not really speak english and didn’t bring us a menu so we were a bit confused.  Turns out there were only making wood-fired pizzas, but that was just fine with us.  The guy making the pizzas was actually Italian and boy, did he make a delicious pizza.  We devoured the entire thing and I think I could have managed to stuff down another one. :)  Another great day in the books!



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