Week 22 of CrossFit!


Second week coming back after a break went much better than the first!  It’s crazy how addictive CrossFit is.  Even on bad days or no matter how brutal it is you still want to go back!  Here is what last week entailed:

WOD: Monday, January 14:

3 Rounds:

  • 15 Push Press 45/65 (65/95) 
  • 15 Pull Ups
  • 2:00 Plank (25)
  • 5/5 DB Snatch 25/40 (40/55)

Time: 18:28 rx    Should have gone green on this, but I was so extremely sore from the Olympic lifting seminar I went to that I decided I better stick with the light weight.  Pull ups were rough.  Ever since we took a break I have been out of a rhythm doing them and cannot link them like I use to for the life of me!  So frustrating!


WOD: Tuesday, January 15:

  • Double Unders
  • Sit Ups

  • Box Jumps

Time: 18:53 rx  Still struggling on my double unders.  I’m finally starting to get learn how to jump without a single in between my double but it’s throwing me completely  off when we have to do it in a WOD.  Hopefully I’ll finally get these down.  It’s amazing how much time you can cut when your doubles are on!


WOD: Wednesday, January 16:

15:00 AMRAP:

  • 5 BW Deadlift
  • 10 Toe to Bar
  • 15 Ring Dips
  • 20 Split Jumps

Reps: 155 rx    Again need to work on toe to bar and ring dips!!!  So many things to work on all the time when it comes to crossfit!

Second WOD:

Worked on my snatches!


WOD: Thursday, January 17:

Complete in any order:

  • 1 Rope Climb
  • 10 Ring Push Ups
  • 20 HSPU
  • 30 S.A. Kettle Bell Swings
  • 40 Pull Ups
  • 50 Wall Ball
  • 600m Run
  • 70 Burpees
  • 80 Squats
  • 90 DBL Unders

Time: 47:17 rx  I thought the madness would never end. Lol!  Actually besides the burpees and wall ball I enjoyed this WOD and I normally hate long chippers!  It was fun with all the different stuff!

Second WOD: YOGA!!! So relaxing and a good stretch, love it!


WOD: Friday, January 18:

18:00 AMRAP

  • 3:00 Plank 25/45

Then with remaining time

  • 10 HR Push Ups
  • 15 Box Jump Overs 20/24
  • 25 Sit Ups

Reps: 296 rx  I actually had a lot of fun with this WOD!  I don’t know why but I think box jumps are fun!  I know what a nerd!  Lol!


Then on Saturday we went up to Rocky Mountain National Park to go snowshoeing.  Turns out the snow was super packed down and not a huge amount so we ended up just hiking the trial up to the Loch.  Got a 5.4 mile hike in and had a ton of fun with Aja and Luke!  Then celebrated with a beer, yak burger, and fries afterward!  Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!  The weekend will be back before you know it!



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