Pretty Little Liars


WARNING: Netflix is dangerous!!  Stay away from it, because it gets you hooked on all sorts of tv shows that you shouldn’t be wasting your time watching!  Yet, I continue to get hooked on these shows that I don’t want to admit I watch.  The newest one to the list is Pretty Little Liars.  When I first started watching I was not very impressed.  I just had it on in the background while I worked on other items… but once it got to the end of season 1 I got lured in.  And season two did a much better job of grabbing my attention that I just couldn’t wait to watch season 3.

So the story line is ridiculous like all the other shows I watch.  It’s about 4 girls in high school, yes I said high school, whose best friend was murdered.  The girls grow apart and one year later are brought back together because they are being blackmailed by someone that goes by the initial “A”.  “A” threatens to unveil secrets of each of the girls and to hurt their loved ones.  The Pretty Little Liars (the 4 girls) try to figure out who “A” is and who killed their best friend.

I know the story sounds cheesy, but once you’re hooked in you want to know who killed the girl too!  You are continually guessing and trying to figure it all out.  I would say if you enjoy shows like Gossip Girl, The Lying Game, Switched at Birth, Jane by Design, Vampire Diaries, The Hills, or any show from ABC Family or the CW you will probably like this show too.


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