Eldorado Canyon

photo 3copy

A couple of Thursdays ago Luke had the day off so we took the afternoon to go for a hike.  It was a beautiful day out in the 60s and we decided to head to Eldorado Canyon State Park.  We took the puppy with because there wasn’t a huge gain of elevation, which was probably a mistake.  We took the Walker Ranch Loop that was suppose to be 7.5 miles, but according to my UP it was closer to 9 miles.  Not sure which was most accurate.  After about 4 miles the puppy dog slowed way down and Luke had to help him up some rocks towards the end.  We have decided now that he’s 12 years old we should probably stick to 4 miles or less with him.  He’s getting a little old for the long hikes.  Luckily, he got one 14er in last year so he knocked that off his bucket list! :)  Anyway… I would definitely do that hike again.  It was very peaceful and a great view!

photo 4copy copy photo 5copy copy photo 3copy copyphoto 2copy copy photo 1copy copy


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