Constantly on the Go!

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The last couple of weeks have been a whirl wind it feels like.  Work, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, parents visiting…  But it’s been fun and I would much rather be busy all the time then stuck being bored!  So last weekend my folks came out for a long weekend and some skiing.

On Friday we headed up to A-Basin and got there nice & early with a good spot.  We hit the slopes right as the lifts started turning.  For all you people out there that have never been to A-Basin, well just a forewarning…. It’s definitely more advanced than most ski resorts.  They only have a couple of green and moguls there are considered blues.  Which my husband and I found out the hard way on Easter Sunday when we were last there.  But it’s in a beautiful bowl and very low-key which is nice.  Unfortunately, after only being there a couple of hours my mom got altitude sick and ended up having to chill in the lodge.  But we were able to convince my dad to hit the back bowl, where there was some amazing powder.  I completely biffed it a few times and looked like an idiot, but it was a blast and the first time I’ve ever ski’d in powder like that.

Other highlights from their weekend here was going to the oldest restaurant in Denver, the Buckhorn Exchange.  We had a reservation at 7:30 pm on Saturday night and when we got there it was busy so we were asked to sit up stairs until our table was ready.  We ordered drinks and listened to these lovely elderly men play guitar/banjo and sing.  They were actually pretty funny and entertaining.  Then after about 30 minutes our table was ready.  One unique thing about this place is the taxidermy hung up everywhere in the restaurant.  The walls were filled with an array of animals from water buffalo to zebra to wolverines.  It was one of the most interesting restaurants that I have been to.  We started our meal with two excellent appetizers: rattle snake queso and ostrich.  I was not a huge fan of the rattle snake but my oh my was the ostrich succulent!  Then we all ordered a platter of delicious meats.  My dad chose the lamb, my mom and Luke did the special of buffalo and elk, and I opted for the buffalo prime rib.  The buffalo prime rib was some of the best meat I have ever tasted.  Then we topped it off with some dessert and were officially stuffed and loaded for the next day of skiing!

Sunday we had planned to make our way back to A-Basin but due to all the snow they got that night Loveland Pass was closed leaving us no way to drive there.  So we decided to try out Loveland since it was the nearest ski place to us.  It was still snowing that morning and the wind was intense.  Once we got up to the top you could hardly see 10 feet in front of you!  The powder was so thick there it was hard to get going and once you got going down the mountain it was hard to stop! My legs were torched so after a couple runs I decided to sit down for a while.  After lunch I headed back out with the group and for such a horrible wind it was still a pleasant time.  I would definitely go back to there.  So that’s what’s been going on in my crazy life.  Shortly I will be posting our experiment of grilling pizza for the first time and releasing the last two weeks of hell at CrossFit Arvada. :)  Enjoy and have a great evening y’all!

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