Picking Yourself Up


I don’t know how many of you out there do CrossFit… but I am sure somewhere in life you have had that moment of feeling demoralized, frustrated and downright angry.  I am currently doing the 2014 CrossFit Open and even though I know that I have no chance of qualifying for regionals I still get that pit in my stomach before every Open WOD.  On the first two Open workouts I did not set the bar high because I knew there were other factors that would hinder me from doing great, but this last one had two movements in my realm that I would like to think I am decent at.  I set my goals high and sadly, failed miserably.  I finished and immediately knew it was not how I expected to do.  Even now… 4 days afterward I am disappointed, but why should I be?

The whole point of doing the Open for someone like me (who has no chance of being at Regionals or the Games) is to get better everyday.  Strive for more… push through.  I may have had an off day, but I still showed up and did it.  It may not have been the outcome I wanted, but I did my best.  Maybe not the best I thought I had, but it was the best I could do that day and I should be proud with how far I have come from when I started doing CrossFit.  When looking back there were so many things I could not do that now I do on a regular basis without even thinking about it.  I can overhead squat with ease, snatch weight I never thought would be possible and jerk weight over my head that’s more than my body weight.  When I look back and keep things in perspective I am growing and changing and getting stronger and better everyday.  For that I should hold my head high and not get caught up in the numbers.  It can be frustrating, but then I have to think and realize there are more important things in life and stressing over a workout is dumb.  I think sometimes we tear ourselves down too much.  It’s not healthy or good to put yourself down.  All you can do is best your best self and continue to try to improve and be a good person.  When life throws a curve ball at you don’t let it hit you… keep tight and  throw your best inside-out swing at it and drive it out of the park.  Life can be unpleasant and unfortunate, but all we can do is look for the best in everything and appreciate the little things.

I hope my little rant helped someone today!  Wishing you all the best! :)


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