Stop Feeling Guilty About What You Put In Your Mouth!



Yes, I said it, “STOP feeling guilty about what you put in your mouth!”

And I know this can be taken many ways, but I’m referring to food people!  So get your dirty mind out of the gutter! :P

I feel like, especially as women, most struggle with food or at least have at some point in their life and I’m here to say STOP!  STOP hating yourself for eating that cookie! STOP counting every single calorie in your day! STOP obsessing over each and every item you put into your body… just STOP STOP STOP!

No one is perfect and trying to be perfect can be exhausting!  Yes, food is fuel and isn’t meant to be something to fill your emotional void, but food should also be enjoyed.  Who wants to go through life not enjoying it?!  I know I certainly don’t!

I know for me I get on these kicks where I feel bloated, fat and honestly repulsive to those around me.  But I’ve come to the realization that if I want to be toothpick skinny, well quite frankly, I would have to starve myself and revert to very unhealthy methods to obtain that result.  Secondly, I would have to completely give up the things in life I enjoy like having a beer or two on the weekends, eating that delicious ice cream because I want to, having that greasy pizza when I feel like it.  Yes, these are all unhealthy habits, but if done in moderation they are not going to kill you.  We all have goals in life and of course that includes what your physique is, but remember being unhappy isn’t worth losing an extra 5 lbs.  And my theory is if you crave something, go have it.  Just have it in moderation so that the craving goes away and don’t feel guilty about it afterward because you can get right back on track with your next meal.  Food shouldn’t be your nemesis.  It should be enjoyable and fun!

I recently just bought the book The Paleo Kitchen and today I’m making my first recipe out of it: slow-cooked shredded pork.  Which I will share soon of course!  But after reading through it and seeing all the recipes that looked delicious I realized that cooking can be both fun and healthy.  We just have to learn how to make it that way and then we can enjoy it that much more.  So for those of you that obsess over food and eat the same ole’ chicken and asparagus every night STOP! Start getting creative in the kitchen and having fun with your food.  And on those nights or days that you don’t feel like cooking and have that craving for chinese or pizza or whatever it is… GO AHEAD AND EAT IT!  Don’t deprive yourself and don’t feel guilty! Enjoy life and enjoy your food! :)




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