Adventures of the great outdoors!


So I haven’t wrote much about our outdoors adventures this summer… and to be quite honest, it’s because we haven’t done as many as we have in the past.  Luke’s new job requires him to be on call a couple weeks during the month, making it a smidge more difficult to find the time.  But we have had some wonderful and horrific hikes including hikes at the Golden Gate Canyon State Park and even venturing over to Grand Mesa for the worst backpacking trip I have ever taken!  Let’s just say snow, hail, and constant rain do not make for a good time backpacking!  But in the last month we have gotten the pleasure of hiking Flattop Mountain and Mt. Elbert!  Both great adventures.  Today I will talk about Flattop Mountain… soon to come.. Mt. Elbert!

My great friend from Iowa, Emily, wanted to visit and one item on her agenda was hike a mountain.  Welp, that’s easy to do in Colorado so we decided to do Flattop Mountain due to it being on the easier side and then slide down Andrew’s Glacier on the way down.  Luke’s sister and cousin also tagged along for the lovely jaunt.  It was an easy, nice gradual climb up to the top of Flattop.  Then we moved on to go find Andrew’s Glacier.  The trails were not well marked and we thought we were following the right trail, but then it kept going down in elevation, which wasn’t a good sign.  Eventually after wondering around we found it…  Btw, we should have stayed on the trail we had been on.  Would have been easier in the end.  Oops!  In the midst of being lost though we got to admire 3 big elk grazing in the field.  They were gorgeous.

Anyway… we finally found the glacier and here’s where the fun began!  We got on our bottoms and I used a garbage bag (which I highly recommend for speed) and slide down the snow.  It was so exhilarating and had it not been so steep I would’ve been tempted to hike back up and slide down again!  I think that’s the most fun I’ve had in a while.  Anyway… if you’re ever in Colorado and looking for a fun adventure… sliding down Andrew’s Glacier is definitely worth doing!  Next to come… another 14er off the bucket list: Mt. Elbert!

DSCN2725 DSCN2737 DSCN2743




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