Taking down the Twin Peaks… I mean Mt. Oxford and Mt. Belford

n July, Luke and I strapped up our boots and headed out for our first fourteener of the year and Boulder’s (the pups) first fourteener of his career.  Because one fourteener is just too easy to do (no sarcasm at all here :P), we decided to do two: Mt. Oxford and Mt. Belford.  We camped overnight at the Missouri Gulch trailhead so we could get an early start on our day.  We woke up while it was still dark out, booted up, got the headlamps on and started our trek.  Literally 20 minutes in I was feeling nausea,FullSizeRender light headed and just plain struggling!  Turns out, I was very dehydrated… I honestly thought that at any point I might just fall off the trail and collapse.  I started chugging from my camelback and luckily after pushing through about an hour or so I started to feel normal again.  Poor dog and husband had to deal with my slow non-functioning ass for the miserable first few hours!  But I am one of those people that once I start something you can bet I am going to finish it, no matter how ugly it gets!  After climbing the 4,500 feet in elevation we finally made it to the top of Mt. Oxford.  Whew… But now we had a steep decent over the saddle to Mt. Belford.  Getting up to the top of Mt. Belford wasn’t bad at all.  It was nice and flat at the top so we found a little spot to sit, relax, eat some grub, and I found myself a nice rock to pop a squat…if ya know what I mean. :)  After that we had to go back down the saddle and up some very steep terrain and ascend back to the top of Mt. Oxford in order to go down.  IMG_2614This was by far the worse part of the hike and being dehydrated did NOT help matters.  But I sucked it up and slowly, no let’s be real, pretty much crawled my ass back up to the top of Mt. Oxford.  And then it sank in that it was ALL DOWN HILL from here!  Thank goodness because I was pretty shot at this point.  But we made the 11ish mile hike and 6,000 feet of elevation gain in approximately 12 hours.  Obviously, my slowness did not help and the boys were waiting on me a lot.  Sorry guys.  But overall, it was an amazing day and am so happy that I am able and get to spend that time with my best friend and fur baby!  Couldn’t ask for anything else.  :)


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