DIY Door Wreath


When I told a friend at the gym that I made myself a wreath for my front door, he was baffled.  Apparently, I do not look like a crafty person.  And honestly, I am not really, but every once in a while I get inspired to do something myself.  So of course I started by looking for some ideas on Pinterest and loved this wreath I saw there.  Then I headed to Hobby Lobby and shopped for my creation.  Which sadly took me like an hour to pick the dang flowers out.  It’s hard when everything is so pretty and you find one thing you like and then decide it doesn’t go with the other item you liked.  It can be quite frustrating.  Anyway… here is a list of what I purchased and how I put it together.  It was super simple and took me like 20 minutes to do.  Hope you enjoy and try it yourself.  Much more fun to make your own then to go buy one!  And the great thing about this wreath is I didn’t glue any of it, so you could easily switch out some of the flowers and greenery to fit whatever season you like. :)
What you’ll need:

  • 2 grapevine wreaths – looks fuller with 2 instead of one
  • 1 brown paper covered wire – you will have leftovers
  • flower and greenery of your choosing: I used 3 mustard colored hydrangeas, 4 leave stems, and 2 of the small white to brown sprays (not sure what they are called)
  • Burlap Wire Ribbon
  • Wire Cutter
  • Plastic Wall Hook


  1. Hooked the two grapevine wreaths together using the paper wire to connect them.
  2. Cut all the flowers and greenery to the length I wanted, those wires are always super long
  3. Then started intertwining them into the wreaths and placing them.  Once I got them where I wanted I added some wire to help secure them.
  4. Then I added the burlap bow with more wire to secure it
  5. Lastly, I put one of those plastic wall hooks that peels off onto the door and hung it up.  That simple!IMG_3302

I’ve had it up for almost a month now and it still looks nice.  Can’t wait for all our company to come for Thanksgiving to see it and feel welcomed in our home. :)


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