DIY Wall Collage

Owning a new home is SO MUCH FUN!  I swear for the first 6 months I was on Pinterest non-stop looking for ideas, concepts, etc.. for the home.  About a month ago, my hubby and I decided to take the plunge.  By plunge, I mean become real adults… by buying…. a bedroom set.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen we brought a real bedroom set with three dressers, two night stands, and a storage bed frame.  I feel like a real adult now.  No more sleeping on the frame with the box spring and mattress that is just pushed up against the wall.  We went to many places looking at different furniture sets and in the end, we brought it from Costco.  Surprisingly, the quality was very nice and a way better bargain that Woodley’s.  And all the other furniture stores we looked at, the quality just wasn’t there.  Anyway… since we finally had a real bedroom, I decided it was time to finally create the wall collage I’ve been wanting to do in our bedroom forever!  It was so much fun collecting items and putting it all together.  A majority of the items I bought were from Hobby Lobby and a few from TJ Home Goods.  Now if you are ever shopping Hobby Lobby and it’s not 50% off, just wait until the next week.  I promise this is the best way to go. :)

Some tips for creating a wall collage that you love:

  • Choose a theme – I went for rustic/eclectic
  • Only pick out items you LOVE, take your time
  • Think about the space – maybe measure to get a rough estimate
  • After you’ve bought the items, lay them out on the floor, rearrange a million times
  • Take photos of your arrangements and then pick your favorite
  • Hang on the wall and don’t get too caught up in it all being perfect, you can always move items, or if you’re like me you find an arrangement you like and then fill in the last few gaps that are missing

This project was so fun for me and every day that I get ready and look at it I smile because it was my creation.



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