Mule Deer Trail at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Hiking season is officially off and running!!!  The summer time in Colorado is beautiful and we are fortunate to enjoy the outdoors a lot.  One of our favorite spots on a pinch is to go to Golden Gate Canyon State Park because it’s close by but normally not too overcrowded.  We took the in-laws there to hike the Mule Deer Trail the first weekend in June.  This trail is the longest at the park.  Online a bunch of places say that it’s only 7 miles long, but we had GPS on and it’s at least 9 miles long.  We took a little short cut on the road on the way back to the parking lot so that probably trimmed off a good quarter or half mile.  It’s a beautiful hike that’s not too difficult.  If you visit or live in the area don’t forget to take advantage of the nature and activities here.

Trail: Mule Deer
At: Golden Gate Canyon State Park – Golden, Colorado
Distance: 9 miles
Elevation Gain: 880 feet
Difficulty: Easy – moderate, just long



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