Blue Lake and Little Blue Lake Hike




This past weekend a couple of girlfriends and I headed up to the Nederland, CO area to get in a nice hike.  One of them has lived here 9 years and never enjoyed a hike in the wonderful outdoors of Colorado.   The trail started at the Brainard Lake Recreation Area in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  Once going through the gated entrance you drive to Mitchell Lake Trail head.  From there it’s nicely marked at the Blue Lake trail.  It’s a nice easy trek through the woods with a few spots of a little steeper elevation, but overall I would rate this as an easy hike.  We saw three moose while we were hiking which is pretty cool, but it was rut season/mating season so you have to be careful.  There was a group in front of us that freaked out and then scared my friend that had never hiked.  But everyone was fine.


There are a ton of beautiful lakes to view along the hike and eventually you get out of tree line and it’s not much further til you hit blue lake.  If it hadn’t been so windy up at the lake I think we would’ve hung out for a while.  It was beautiful and highly recommend this hike.

Length RT: 6.3 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,417 feet
Level: Easy



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