Elk Falls Hike | Staunton State Park

Elk Falls Waterfall Hike | Staunton State Park

Distance: 10 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,500 feet (don’t think it’s actually this much though unless you go up to the lookout too)
Seasons to Hike: Spring to Fall
Dogs: Allowed on leash
Nearest Town: Conifer, CO
Staunton State Park Trail Map

Time to take advantage of the nice fall weather we’ve been having and get in some more hikes before the snow comes to the mountains.  This past weekend our family (hubby and dog) went to Staunton State Park to check out some of the new trails they have opened up to hike to a waterfall: Elk Falls.  We’ve been to this park before and hiked to a lookout of the waterfall, but now they’ve created a trail that goes right up to it.  You start out by taking the Staunton Ranch Trail.  It’s a nice gradual climb as you hike, overall this hike isn’t ever very steep or hard.  After 3.3 miles the Staunton Ranch Trail ends at a road, go right and continue on the Bugling Elk Trail (it’s a big wide road) toward the Elk Falls Pond.


You’ll be on this for about 1 mile and then you’ll see the Elk Falls Pond.  Then you continue past the pond and can’t miss the Lion’s Back Trail that starts to go up a hill to the right.  Immediately off to the left you’ll spot Chimney Rock trail and take that.  You go a little ways and the trail will split again and you’ll take the Elk Falls Trail.  This is where the most elevation loss/gain is.  You’ll start going down right away and will hit some switchbacks until you hit the waterfall.  And if you walk over some boulders you can actually walk right up to the waterfall.  It’s pretty cool.  If you have some free time and enjoy hiking, check this one out. :)



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