DIY – Shelves

“Home is wherever my bunch of crazies are.”

Hey you guys,

I’ve been wanting to put up some shelving so I can display my oh-so-cute nieces (5 of em) and nephew (Tate), but after looking at multiple stores I just didn’t see any shelving that was worth the amount they wanted.  So I decided I would enlist my husband to help me create the design I had in mind.  I wanted it to kind of match the mason jar chandelier that I made him create and one of my favorite frames I have on the same wall where the shelving was going to go.  So we used the following to create them:

  • 2×4 wood
  • gray wood stain
  • sponge brushes
  • galvanized pipe
  • galvanized cap fittings
  • galvanized floor flange fittings
  • screws

The process was quite easy, my husband cut the 2x4s to the length I wanted.  We ended up doing 1 at 36 inches, 3 at 24 inches, and 1 at 18 inches.  Then I used the sponges to brush on the stain.  And you’re suppose to leave the stain on for 5-10 minutes then wipe off the extra stain with a cloth.  Let sit up to 8 hours to dry.  You need to wipe with a cloth to ensure that you don’t have weird drip marks or lines.  Then depending on how dark you want the stain you can do another coat.  Then we put together the pipe, cap fittings, and floor flange fittings.  Screwed those into the walls and set the pieces of wood on top.  It was quite simple and I love the look so much better than anything else I had looked at.  Then I put a bunch of framed photos on them along with some trinkets.  It was super fun and love the look. Every time I walk in now it feels a little more like home, especially since all the kids are so far away!  At least now I can look at them every day!


My husband’s lovely creation | Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier




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