Square Top Lakes, Guanella Pass

“And into the forest I go,
to lose my mind & find my soul.”


Yesterday we hiked to the top of Square Top Lakes off of Guanella Pass, which is right by Georgetown, Colorado.  This was the first real hike we’ve done this year, which is so sad with all the wonderful wilderness we have to enjoy in Colorado.  We opted for this since I have a bum foot and knee and it was not a big elevation climb.  It was a beautiful day up on the pass with a slight breeze and highs in the 50s when we began and mid 60s I believe when we left.  There is still quite a bit of snow up there though and some mud to walk through, but overall still a very doable trail.  If you wait ’til the end of June or maybe even beginning of July I think all of the flowers will be blooming and it will be even more beautiful than what we saw today.  But it was still great watching our pup run like a mad man through the snow and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  And the best part about this trail was that it wasn’t busy!  The trail head is just past the parking lot for the Mt. Bierstadt trail head to the right and once you hike up to the lakes you get great views back to Mt. Bierstadt and Mt. Evans.  If you’re looking for a higher elevation hike, but easy and with good views I would highly recommend.  Honestly though, there are many good trails to venture on out here so just get outdoors and enjoy the views.

Square Top Lakes

Length Roundtrip – 4.6 miles
Elevation Gain – +587 (+1,000 total trip – up & down)
Elevation Start/Finish – 11,678′ – 12,265′
Level: Easy


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