Button Rock Preserve: Sleepy Lion Trail

“The earth has music for those who listen.” – Shakespeare.


Since summer is here it’s officially hiking season.  Every open weekend we’ve had we go hiking and we were hoping to do a 14er this weekend. But probably postponing that til I get cleared by a doctor. :(  Finally gave in for my hurt knee and went to see someone and had X-rays done yesterday, so keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have a fractured patella.

Anyway… we’ve been doing easier hikes due to the knee and a couple weeks ago went up by Lyons, Colorado to do the Sleepy Lion Trail at Button Rock Preserve.  It was a gorgeous day while we were there.  No mud, no snow, and an easy trail.  Most of the hike you are on a road, but the there is a cool dam that was pouring water from the preserve!  You also get some nice views of Longs Peak and can go up to the reserve as well.  This would be a great trail for a family or maybe even taking your grandparents that want to get outdoors, but just can’t handle a ton as you could just stay on the road the whole time too.  Saw quite a few people trying to fish as we were coming down.

Button Rock Preserve: Sleep Lion Trial

Length Roundtrip – 4.8 miles
Elevation Gain – +605 (+1,200 total trip – up & down)
Elevation Start/Finish – 6,020 – 6,625
Level: Easy

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