About Me

I’m just your average Norwegian girl.  The one who loves the outdoors minus those mosquitos, tolerates her family (just kidding I love all of you crazies),  and anticipates the next adventure with my crazy husband Luke.  I also have a fire for art/design, rugby, photography, powerlifting, CrossFit and cozying up on the couch binge watching Hulu, Netflix, movies or reading a good book,which I have not done in a while :( .

I’m very fortunate to have amazing family, friends, and partner in life.  Yes, I have this compulsive thing that once I get addicted to something I can’t stop!    I will literally stay up all night watching a new Netflix series I started because I just simply cannot wait til I know what happens at the end.  I may be different, a meathead,  or a nerd at times; but I embrace that I’m unique and one of a kind.  Take a peek at my Creative Inspirations (hasn’t been updated in forever, but has some old goodies from like 10 years ago, lol).  Feel free to contact me @ mollyjo3@gmail.com if you want to know more. Thanks. :)


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